Practice Is Understanding
















If you have never practiced a particular shot to the extent that you know how to do it, then attempting that shot in tournament play is one of the biggest mistakes you could make and will more than likely lead to disaster.

ALL great golfers practiced with a purpose. They performed certain shots thousands of times on the driving range or on the course during fun rounds after school or after work with friends or on their own. They learned HOW to make a shot work.

We can read about particular shots. We can watch videos about particular shots. However until we get out and practice them over and over until we can replicate the shot they won't be of much use when we are confronted with them on the course.

There are many distinctions we need to address in hitting shots of variable heights or trajectories and many variables that produce the desired start line and curvature of a ball flight. Plus there are several options available to produce these varying results.

Therefore we need to work at it. We need to learn where exactly do we need to aim the clubface. Where do we need to aim the feet. Where and to what extent may I need to alter the ball position to. What differences in my finish position can help create the shot I am learning and working upon to add to my arsenal.

Here is a short video of how I learned these capabilities when I was growing up at my home course in Melbourne Australia when I was learning the game.

practicetroubleshotslearn from Golf Aus on Vimeo.