What We Can Learn From The Follow Through

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Even though the strike has happened well before this point of the swing, everything happens for a reason.

We can actually learn a lot about what came before in the swing from viewing the finish.

The image of Greg Norman above shows an area of the swing that I named PV5- The 5th major position of the swing I like to see to assist my students.

The club is vertical into the follow through and ready to be now folded to a finish that is assumed based on the personal style of the golfer themselves.

In Norman's case he wrapped the club shaft onto his back and then recoiled the club and hands and arms back out in front of him to a relaxed state.

This PV5 position of the swing really shows how much pressure is still intact in a golfers hands and body and especially how much pressure has been maintained on the shaft.

The longer pressure is maintained in a golf swing, the greater feel and control the golfer will tend to have with the shot they played.

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